Village House of Books in Los Gatos

Village House of BooksMany of the settings I used in Dog Day Wedding are real places! In the story, Giovanni goes for a walk with Precious and the dog stops in front of Village House of Books in Los Gatos to drink from the water bowl outside. This book store is very dog friendly and even has a patio for the doggies with relaxation music (in case your pooch wants to meditate or nap). :) My Honeybunch snapped a picture of me outside during our visit there on Valentine’s Day. LOVE this book store. :)

Romantic comedy readers all over the world!

DogDayWedding_PB1 smallMy second romantic comedy, DOG DAY WEDDING, has only been on sale for a few days and I’ve already had sales in the US, Canada, UK, France, Germany, and Australia. I also have readers in two other countries you probably won’t believe: India and Pakistan!! AMAZING! :) The book is available for the Kindle and also in paperback here:

Now, back to writing! My third book will release in April. :)

Dog Day Wedding: The proof of the paperback has arrived!

Jumping for joy in Carmel

Jumping in Carmel

Happy New Year 2015!

My wife, Silvi, wanted to make a Happy New Year 2015 video with a role
reversal twist. She would speak in English (she’s a native Spanish speaker)
and I would speak in Spanish (I’m a native English speaker). How fun!

Hope you enjoy it and Happy New Year to you!

My first speaking engagement

IMG_0702I was absolutely thrilled when the San Jose Public Library Foundation invited me to their inaugural “Meet the Author” Event.  The moderator—SJPLF Executive Director Mary McLane—asked me a variety of questions about my writing habits and publishing my debut novel. After she finished, she invited the fifty guests to participate in for a Q & A Session, which was a lot of fun.IMG_0699This was my first public appearance as an author. It was a very special evening for me and something I’ll always remember. :)

Was I supposed to sleep in November?

Winner-2014-Twitter-ProfileI needed a good kick in the pants, so I made a last minute decision to participate in National Novel Writing Month in November. The goal was to write a 50,000 word novel in one month. And I won! The result is the first draft of my second romantic comedy, Dog Day Wedding. Yahooooo!

Now I have six weeks to whip that baby into shape before it goes to my editor on January 12th. The plan is to publish it two weeks after that.

By the way, I learned an important lesson: I write faster with deadlines. This is good to know going forward since I plan on publishing four novels in 2015!

Meet Precious!

PreciousThis is one of the stars of my second novel, Dog Day Wedding. Her name is Precious and she plays a fun and important role in the story. She’s a Yorkie and weighs only six pounds. Isn’t she just the cutest?

Jumping for joy in Miami

Jumping for joy in Miami

The cover for Dog Day Wedding

five minutes lateHi friends! :)

The response has been AMAZING since I published my debut romantic comedy, Five Minutes Late, and I getting ready to write my second novel, Dog Day Wedding soon. SO! I wanted to share the cover with you! I like to try to have the covers done before I start writing for motivation purposes. Guess what? I’m motivated! I used the same amazing artist, Sue Traynor, who drew the cover for the first one. So colorful and cool! Don’t be surprised if you see this cover popping up in many places across the web. :)