A Big Lesson to be Learned

1047385_BLOGJPG_20130111195207813Idiot. That’s what I felt like about an hour ago when I accidentally sent out an unedited, unfinished, first draft of a story to the subscribers of my blog. Heck, I wasn’t even sure if I was going to publish it. The story, tentatively called, Monkey in the Middle – An Odd Conversation was in the stage that Author Ann Lamott infamously refers to as “the shitty first draft” in her Best-Selling Book, Bird by Bird. In many cases, the story ends up being completely different than it was during the initial writing or sometimes it is never even published. That’s a completely normal process…you write and tweak and write and tweak and write and tweak and then you decide if you like it enough to publish it. Idiot. Instead of hitting the preview button to see what the blog post would look like with the photo, I pressed the publish button. But you know what? The easiest thing I can do right now is just blame the whole thing on my wife since she always distracts me with her beauty (I think I just scored some serious points there).

I learned a big lesson, though: always write my blog posts in Word and then copy and paste the final piece into the blog before publishing it. I’m glad it happened now while my subscriber list is smaller and not in the thousands. :) If you are not a subscriber, you missed it. Hopefully I won’t do it again. But now I am determined to finish that story and publish it soon, shitty or not. Stay tuned…


  1. I love THIS story! :) What a serendipity that the positions of the Publish and Preview buttons were reversed for a split second.

  2. Rich Amooi says:

    I think you are a just a little too excited about this. Did you have something to do with it? I’ve got my eye on you mister!

  3. I liked it too, Rich, but I had a feeling it was sent out unfinished and accidentally. Not because I haven’t done the exact same thing myself. Nooo, we bloggers never do that 😉

  4. Yep, Rich, I did the same thing. Deleted the post on Twitter, then learned I’d NOT deleted on facebook! Bu-wa-ha-haaaaa!

    • Rich Amooi says:

      Hi Mary. We need to be more careful! At least I could switch the post from publish to draft so nobody else could see it. Of course, there is one that is even worse than what I did: an e-mail sent, followed by sender regrets. I remember at least three or four e-mails over the years that I wish I could take back. It’s a great way to lose sleep. Try it sometime!

  5. Warning: do not write blog posts while drinking.

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