You Rock My World

NoiyoCobblesAfter wheel-barreling 2000 pounds of rocks from the street and organizing them in the garden yesterday, I experienced one of most horrifying moments of my life. I looked at my left hand and noticed my wedding ring was gone. I immediately started searching the thousands of rocks while panic and shock flowed through my body. Silvi kept asking me, “Where did you take off your gloves?” I kept telling her I didn’t know. She kept persisting. I finally answered, “Over on the grass” and continued to search the rocks. Of course, Silvi found the ring a couple of minutes later in a crack between the grass and the sidewalk. It must have fallen off when I removed my gloves. How did she know? I love my wife. And yes, I cried like a baby after she found it. The ring is now duct-taped to my finger.



  1. She is brilliant! So glad you have it back, and right before V Day! : )

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