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Saying goodbye to my hairy friend.

P1060877.JPGChiqui was my first dog. I got him in a package deal when I met my hot Spanish wife eight years ago. He was family. Our beautiful boy. We had to say goodbye to him last week. He had lymphoma. Those of you who have lost a dog know it’s not easy, but we are grateful he is now pain-free and chasing squirrels in heaven.

Santa Cruz, jan. 2013I loved his beautiful smile. I loved that he was on the floor by my feet while I wrote my first six books. I loved how he would get out of his doggie bed every night after I turned out the light and come around to my side of the bed to say goodnight to me. I loved that he always came over to say good morning to me when the alarm went off each day.P1010434 I loved that he ate tuna and Manchego cheese imported from Spain. I even loved when he almost pulled my arm off whenever he saw a squirrel. I loved him. I love the memories I have of him. Enough memories to last a lifetime. 🙂

Jumping For Joy in Boise, Idaho

We visited the land of potatoes for a wedding this weekend. We walked everywhere and toured the Idaho State Capitol. It was a wonderful visit but I’m ready to get back to my writing! 🙂 IMG_0260

My first chat with a book club!

That was so much fun! The Buffalo Book Club invited me to join them via Skype video to discuss my romantic comedy, Five Minutes Late. Nancy, Kellie, Karen and Marty read the book before we met and then we chatted for over ninety minutes about the story, my life as an author, my writing habits, and so much more. I even had a glass of wine so we could toast a few times! What a blast and what a wonderful bunch of ladies. 🙂
Book club, author, Rich Amooi, romantic comediesThe Buffalo Book Club (located in Buffalo, Minnesota) was founded almost 10 years ago at a local bookstore, The Book Break. They have up to twelve participants in the summer but half of their members go south in the winter for the warm weather! They meet every month and I was their first out-of-state author to join them via Skype!

I would love to chat with other book clubs who have read (or who plan on reading) one of my romantic comedies. Send me a message through the contact form so we can connect and work out the logistics. 🙂

My romantic comedy featured on NBC television in San Antonio, Texas!

What a thrill it was to have my romantic comedy AN ECLAIR TO REMEMBER featured on NBC television in San Antonio, Texas with romance author, Patricia W. Fischer. 🙂

Happy Bill and Andie Day!


It happens every year on Groundhog Day. Instead of me wondering if that critter—Punxsutawney Phil—is going to see his shadow, I think of the movie Groundhog Day with Bill Murray and Andie MacDowell.  The movie had many memorable elements. It was funny, inspirational, romantic, and thought-provoking. It showed us that if we got over denial or resentment, or our obsession with things that have happened to us in the past—or are currently happening to us—things would fall into place. I believe that. Movies are powerful and can have an impact on us in a positive way. Just the thought of the movie puts a smile on my face. Lucky for us books are just as powerful. 🙂

My hot Spanish wife is a romance author!

Postgirl500x750I want to shout it to the world! My wife (also known as Silvi Martin) is officially a published contemporary romance author! Yay! I’m SO proud of her. 🙂 🙂

I’m amazed she was able to do it with her demanding job as a high school teacher. She is always bringing work home after school, sometimes two to three hours a night. Plus, she’s always grading on the weekends. She works hard! So, for her to write this book over the last few months was a HUGE accomplishment.

The Postgirl is a wonderful story about a mail carrier who falls in love with a best selling author on her route on Coronado Island. Grab a Kindle or paperback copy and enjoy!

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Writing a novel in one month.

NaNo-2015-Winner-Badge-Large-SquareI decided to participate in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) again this year. The goal was to write a 50,000 words in one month. Over 300,000 writers from around the world participated in this very motivating event. I personally need deadlines with my writing (and a little bit of pressure) or I can easily get distracted. Guess what? I won! The result will be my fifth romantic comedy, An Eclair To Remember. Now I have a month to polish and shine it before it goes to the editor. The plan is to publish the book on January 5th. 🙂