Novel Intentions

Novel Intentions

Forget meet-cute. This is a meet-disaster.


Cooper Galloway was my bookstore crush for all of five minutes. Then he opened his mouth and ruined my fantasy. Things go from bad to worse when I arrive for my new job and HE greets me at the door. Yet as Cooper stomps around like an ogre, his piercing gaze tracks my movements as I work, and I can’t tell if he wants to fire me or practice his bodice-ripping skills. Something is simmering beneath our bickering, and it ain’t pasta sauce.


I have three weeks to finish writing my novel, and a peaceful summer at my late mother’s home is just the ticket. However, my plans are derailed when my brother arrives with a crew, ready to restore the property. Amidst the chaos is Melody, the restoration specialist who’s also an expert in pushing my buttons. Strong, confident women are usually my weakness, but I don’t have time for distractions. Trouble is, after a few days together, Melody appears to be my muse. Now, I just need to keep her from consuming my thoughts long enough to finish my book.

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