Royal Crush

Royal Crush

She’s the worst wedding planner ever.
Perfect to sabotage his wedding.

Scorned by viral videos of my client’s wedding fiascos, I never expected royalty to appear at my door and throw me a lifeline. Yet the roguishly handsome Prince Oliver insists on hiring me to plan his lavish nuptials, saying he believes in second chances. Whisked away to his romantic seaside palace in Europe, I vow to pull off the wedding of the century and prove I’m not as horrible as people think.

I’m trapped in an arranged marriage I simply don’t want. I need an escape plan, and fast! Luckily, I have a brilliant idea. Hire that bumbling American wedding planner everyone is talking about. She’s sure to botch everything! Grace is supposed to be a surefire way to ruin my wedding, but when her planning is nothing but smooth, I panic. Especially when I start to develop feelings for her

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