You Chive Me Crazy

You Chive Me Crazy

They call it destiny. I call it disaster.

What’s worse than crashing my food truck in the middle of nowhere?

Being rescued and cared for by the man who ruined my life.

Lucas Filo.

America’s top food critic.

Ridiculously charismatic.

Appallingly gorgeous.

Positively detestable.

I would rather sell my cast-iron skillets and eat frozen food for the rest of my life than spend another minute with that back-stabbing weasel.

No such luck . . .

With just forty-eight hours until the food festival that will change my life, I swallow my pride and ask for Lucas’s help, because the man owes me—big time.

What’s the worst thing that could happen?

I would need to dispose of his body?

Surprisingly, the longer I’m stuck with Lucas, the harder it is to loathe him.

Until another disaster happens . . . right on cue.

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