Village House of Books in Los Gatos

IMG_0524Many of the settings I used in Dog Day Wedding are real places! In the story, Giovanni goes for a walk with Precious and the dog stops in front of Village House of Books¬†in Los Gatos to drink from the water bowl outside. This book store is very dog friendly and even has a patio for the doggies with relaxation music (in case your pooch wants to meditate or nap). ūüôā My Honeybunch snapped a picture of me outside during our visit there on Valentine’s Day. LOVE this book store. ūüôā

Was I supposed to sleep in November?

I needed a good kick in the pants, so I made a last minute decision to participate in National Novel Writing Month in November. The goal was to write a 50,000 word novel in one month. And I won! The result is the first draft of my second romantic comedy, Dog Day Wedding. Yahooooo!

Now I have six weeks to whip that baby into shape before it goes to my editor on January 12th. The plan is to publish it two weeks after that.

By the way, I learned an important lesson: I write faster with deadlines. This is good to know going forward since I plan on publishing four novels in 2015!

Meet Precious!

PreciousThis is one of the stars of my second novel, Dog Day Wedding. Her name is Precious and she¬†plays a fun and important role in the story. She’s a Yorkie and weighs only six pounds.¬†Isn’t she just the cutest?