This dog is a con artist.

Day #3 of dog-sitting Artie. We have discovered he’s a con artist. He casually strolls into the room shaking his cute little butt, playing with his toys, flashing his million-dollar smile, getting up on his hind legs and spinning, looking as cute as can be. This is all a total set-up. Next thing you know we’re giving him treats. Lots of treats. Treats all day long. I think he’s doubled in size since yesterday. 🙂

Saying goodbye to my hairy friend.

P1060877.JPGChiqui was my first dog. I got him in a package deal when I met my hot Spanish wife eight years ago. He was family. Our beautiful boy. We had to say goodbye to him last week. He had lymphoma. Those of you who have lost a dog know it’s not easy, but we are grateful he is now pain-free and chasing squirrels in heaven.

Santa Cruz, jan. 2013I loved his beautiful smile. I loved that he was on the floor by my feet while I wrote my first six books. I loved how he would get out of his doggie bed every night after I turned out the light and come around to my side of the bed to say goodnight to me. I loved that he always came over to say good morning to me when the alarm went off each day.P1010434 I loved that he ate tuna and Manchego cheese imported from Spain. I even loved when he almost pulled my arm off whenever he saw a squirrel. I loved him. I love the memories I have of him. Enough memories to last a lifetime. 🙂

Meet Precious!

PreciousThis is one of the stars of my second novel, Dog Day Wedding. Her name is Precious and she plays a fun and important role in the story. She’s a Yorkie and weighs only six pounds. Isn’t she just the cutest?