Jumping for Joy in Bryce Canyon, Utah.

Jumping Bryce

Romantic comedies go great with coffee!

Giving away another autographed paperback copy of my latest romantic comedy on the streets of San Jose, with a surprise Starbucks gift card on page 99. YAY! 🙂

This dog is a con artist.

Day #3 of dog-sitting Artie. We have discovered he’s a con artist. He casually strolls into the room shaking his cute little butt, playing with his toys, flashing his million-dollar smile, getting up on his hind legs and spinning, looking as cute as can be. This is all a total set-up. Next thing you know we’re giving him treats. Lots of treats. Treats all day long. I think he’s doubled in size since yesterday. 🙂

Giving away my romantic comedy novel.

I had some fun and left a free paperback copy of my romantic comedy, An Eclair To Remember, inside a little library in my neighborhood. Watch the video to see what I stuck inside the book for one lucky person. Fun!