Jumping For Joy in Boise, Idaho

We visited the land of potatoes for a wedding this weekend. We walked everywhere and toured the Idaho State Capitol. It was a wonderful visit but I’m ready to get back to my writing! 🙂 IMG_0260

Jumping For Joy on Coronado Beach

IMG_1014 copyWe went down south a few weeks ago to one of our favorite places, San Diego. What a great time! We even swam in the ocean. 🙂 We love that area so much we plan on moving there in the next year or two. Here’s a shot of me jumping for joy on Coronado Beach. Why do I jump for joy? Because I’m happy and it’s fun. 🙂 Unless I’m stiff, of course. Then it feels like I’m going to break something.

Jumping For Joy on Pfeiffer Beach in Big Sur

IMG_0794We spent the fourth of July weekend in the Monterey/Pacific Grove/Asilomar area of California and drove down to Big Sur for the afternoon. That’s where we discovered one of the most beautiful beaches in California—Pfeiffer Beach. The place is not easy to find but well worth the effort. If you’re lucky enough to find an open spot in the parking lot, do yourself a favor and pay the $10.00 parking fee, instead of walking the two miles from the main road. The people walking looked tired! Pfeiffer Beach is one of the hidden gems of the West Coast.