Happy Bill and Andie Day!


It happens every year on Groundhog Day. Instead of me wondering if that critter—Punxsutawney Phil—is going to see his shadow, I think of the movie Groundhog Day with Bill Murray and Andie MacDowell.  The movie had many memorable elements. It was funny, inspirational, romantic, and thought-provoking. It showed us that if we got over denial or resentment, or our obsession with things that have happened to us in the past—or are currently happening to us—things would fall into place. I believe that. Movies are powerful and can have an impact on us in a positive way. Just the thought of the movie puts a smile on my face. Lucky for us books are just as powerful. 🙂

I’ve Got New York. You’ve Got Mail.

While in New York last week for the Romance Writers of America conference, my hot Spanish wife and I thought it would be fun to visit some of the places where they shot the movie You’ve Got Mail. It’s one of our favorite romantic comedies—we’ve seen it at least ten times. Okay. Maybe twenty. 🙂 Kathleen Kelly (Meg Ryan) and Joe Fox (Tom Hanks) ate hot dogs in that window behind me at Gray’s Papaya, 2090 Broadway. I didn’t eat one myself but I did enjoy some of their refreshing 100% fresh pineapple juice since it was a hot day and it was the best I’ve had ever! I want more!

IMG_1749 (1)

Here’s the very lovely Silvi at Kathleen’s apartment at 328 West 89th Street.

YGM 328, West 89th Str. 1

They shot the scene in this Starbucks at 2252 Broadway where Joe Fox says, “The whole purpose of places like Starbucks is for people with no decision-making ability whatsoever to make six decisions just to buy one cup of coffee.” LOL.  Starbucks will also have a special place in my heart because I met my sweet honeybunch at a Starbucks in San Jose. 🙂Starbucks New York

Cafe Lalo (201 West 83rd Street) was used for the memorable scene where Joe goes to meet Kathleen for the very first time. His friend and branch manager Kevin (Dave Chappelle) peeks inside the cafe when they get there to see if Kathleen is in there.

YGM Richie Café Lalo

And of course the final scene at the 91st Street Garden in Riverside Park where Joe comes around the corner with his dog, Brinkley, and they kiss and get their happily-ever-after. Man, just writing this blog post makes me want to watch the movie again. 🙂 YGM the 91St. Garden-Both of Us