We Are All Connected

Last week I received a message from Sally, who lives in a small village in the UK near Cambridge. She wrote to tell me she loved my first book, Five Minutes Late. At first I wasn’t sure if Sally could be trusted since she told me that she was married to the world’s best husband. I knew for a fact that could not be true because my wife has always told me that I am the best husband in the world. 🙂

I decided to give Sally a chance and wanted to learn more about her. I found out we had a lot in common! She teaches a foreign language and so does my wife. She’s also an author! In fact, she is currently writing a book about pottery and the hero in my next book, Kissing Frogs, is an art teacher who specializes in pottery! What are the chances?

Sally Wallace-Jones has a children’s book in print. It is called Miu and the Pharaoh and is about a small Egyptian cat who really wants to know what life is like inside the Royal Palace. It’s a very cute book. What Sally doesn’t know is I bought the book on Amazon to give to a child of one of my friends. I would have never even known about her if she hadn’t taken a moment to brighten an author’s day with a sweet email. Now I will brighten a child’s day with something from Sally. Life is beautiful the way so many things are connected, don’t you think? 🙂