The Paperback Proof of Kissing Frogs Has Arrived!

Another book! How did that happen? It’s my third romantic comedy, Kissing Frogs, and I’m excited to share this moment with you. 🙂

Dog Day Wedding: The proof of the paperback has arrived!

Happy New Year 2015!

My wife, Silvi, wanted to make a Happy New Year 2015 video with a role
reversal twist. She would speak in English (she’s a native Spanish speaker)
and I would speak in Spanish (I’m a native English speaker). How fun!

Hope you enjoy it and Happy New Year to you!

Paperback copies of my debut romantic comedy novel, Five Minutes Late, have arrived!

An author’s debut novel is very special and I wanted to document the arrival of the paperbacks on video. I plan on doing this when I receive future proof copies of my novels in the mail. Unless I forget, of course. Void where prohibited. This video contains nuts.