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A new sweet contemporary romance!

I’m so excited to announce that my hot Spanish wife, Silvi Martin, has a new sweet contemporary romance out! I’m so proud of her because it’s her second book in the Coronado Island series. It’s called The News Girl. I love the story and I’m sure you will too! 🙂

Book Descriptionnews-girl-copy

Free-spirited reporter Mia Carrera doesn’t believe in fairy tales or in dating single fathers. After her boyfriend dumps her to go back with his ex, Mia quits her job and moves to Coronado Island. She’s determined to make a fresh start at the local paper and become the star reporter she knows she is, only to discover that her new boss is the heartless man who fired her ten years ago in New York.

Single father Alex Mitchell recently accepted the position of editor-in-chief of the Coronado Eagle & Journal. His stable life is challenged with the arrival of new reporter Mia Carrera, the feisty dark-haired rebel who manages to push his buttons in and out of the office.

When their worlds collide, an undeniable attraction develops between them as they drive each other crazy.

Will the magic of a small island bring them together, or will life pull them apart once again?

Grab a Kindle copy of the book here and enjoy! 🙂


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