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My first chat with a book club!

That was so much fun! The Buffalo Book Club invited me to join them via Skype video to discuss my romantic comedy, Five Minutes Late. Nancy, Kellie, Karen and Marty read the book before we met and then we chatted for over ninety minutes about the story, my life as an author, my writing habits, and so much more. I even had a glass of wine so we could toast a few times! What a blast and what a wonderful bunch of ladies. 🙂
Book club, author, Rich Amooi, romantic comediesThe Buffalo Book Club (located in Buffalo, Minnesota) was founded almost 10 years ago at a local bookstore, The Book Break. They have up to twelve participants in the summer but half of their members go south in the winter for the warm weather! They meet every month and I was their first out-of-state author to join them via Skype!

I would love to chat with other book clubs who have read (or who plan on reading) one of my romantic comedies. Send me a message through the contact form so we can connect and work out the logistics. 🙂

2 Replies to “My first chat with a book club!”

  1. WOW! How fun Rich!
    Book clubs are great, I will have to think about that and also refer you.
    Keep writing my friend, your talent as a Romantic Comedy Writer is your gifting!

    Looking forward to reading more!

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